The connected factory has become is a way to easily advance in production activities. It is about highlighting several new technologies to serve the industry. To grasp the results, it is crucial to highlight the role of Industry 4.0 on production activities.

How does the connected factory work?

The industrial evolution has allowed the integration of a large number of systems highlighting the industrialization 4.0. The definition of a connected factory can be summarized as a digital evolution aiming to insert technology into the production process. The 4th revolution highlights the reduction of production costs through the integration of technical progress. The factory of the future is strongly apprehended for its advantages. The connected factory is an excellent way to appreciate the arrival of innovation. The objective of this type of factory is to merge the industry with modern technology related to the Internet. It is to highlight the use of industrial software to ensure the production process. There are several tools for the implementation of a connected factory. You can use PLCs, sensors, cloud computing and others. It is necessary to undertake an industrial reorganization by using revolutionary tools.

How do you approach the connected factory?

The connected factory is becoming mandatory for the smooth running of production activities nowadays.  The industrial transformation induces changes in the internal and external organization of a company. The industries refusing the access to the digital world will disappear from the market. Indeed, it is a way to stay in the current market. The connected factory brings several advantages. The production will adapt to the real needs on a well defined period. The industry will have a more suitable safety control, highlighting the possibility of detecting failures. The production cycle of a company will be automatically controlled. The company will be able to cope with a decrease or an increase of workers according to the needs.

What should we understand about the connected factory?

Industry 4.0 is highly valued at the moment. The purpose of the new technology is to improve the working conditions within a company (workers' health). The negative effects of the industries will be reduced. The connected factory allows the optimization of the production chain. Computer modeling is necessary to ensure the efficiency of the connected factory. To be able to indulge in customization, the company needs to have high-level computer hardware apart from outstanding know-how. In addition, you need to train workers to handle the new technologies properly. Moreover, the connected factory should not be installed in any way, but in a methodical way. You have to take into account the industrial activities of the company to understand the technologies to be inserted. The digital industry plays a role of ally for the good functioning of a company.