Industry 4.0

industrial cutting machine

How to Choose an industrial cutting machine?

When choosing an industrial cutting machine, there are many factors to consider. The first is the type of material you will be cutting. There are many different types of industrial cutting machines, each designed to cut specific materials. For example,…

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What is a connected factory?

The connected factory has become is a way to easily advance in production activities. It is about highlighting several new technologies to serve the industry. To grasp the results, it is crucial to highlight the role of Industry 4.0 on…

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Industry of the future: how to modernize the means of production?

The modernization of the means of production can be complex but it is a mandatory step to follow the evolution of the market.  Indeed, most of the industries and companies follow the digital way for better productions. At the same…

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Choose a 3D software adapted to the industry professionals

3D softwares are essential tools for certain industry categories: animation, games, industrial design, architecture, 3D printing. And for good reason! 3D is the key to high-end digital production. Each industrial professional should choose his 3d software carefully in order to…

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How does the diamond wire saw work?

The diamond wire saw is one of the most widely used devices for cutting industrial materials. Practical and efficient, it can cut materials of any kind and hardness. In this article, we dive into the world of these devices which…

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