Nowadays, machinery is very developed in the field of agriculture. There are special materials that they use to make them. One of them is polyester which is named as a composite material. Almost all the equipment of the machine is made of polyester like the tanks which can contain up to 5000 liters of liquid. No matter how big or small it is. The bumpers have the same role as those of the car. There are also the so-called roof caps which are located on the head of the machine as a form of hat. The body of the machine in general is made of this material.

Polyester: a wide design on creativity and strength

Polyester is the strongest composite material available. Especially in the manufacture of both large and small machines. A beautiful resin that can be adapted to any type of creation either in series or in block. If ever the machine has worn parts then you can repair it without constraint. It has a long life, which means that it does not damage quickly. As in the automobile too, most of the small parts of the body are made of polyester. They will have new and more aesthetic silhouettes in almost any means of transportation. If you use it once, you will see that you will be attracted. In addition, you will convince your mechanic or repairman to always use it for every repair. It is more professional and efficient than metals. For more ideas and advice on polyester and its benefits, please visit sites such as They will answer all your questions on the questionnaires.

Flax fiber: another industrial composite material

The production of these composite materials is increasing more and more at the moment. Since 2015, several tons are harvested. The majority is reserved for the textile field, but the rest is looking for another function. It is lighter and more resistant, if ever an agricultural machine is damaged. It can replace worn parts after recycling. In art, for example, they make furniture with it or small series of decoration. Apart from that, it is also used in car or plane repair. There are companies that specialize in weaving linen. And it is there that people develop their skills on its use and its mode of use. Each country has its own creativity as in the western parts: Asia, specialist in carbon. And in America, it is the fiberglass that is the most harvested. So, the use of natural type fibers is necessary on the different performances required. This is one of the properties of flax fiber.

The specifications

To convince the customers, the word is not enough. You will have to answer to the specifications, as the marketing which is a surplus. In the field of aeronautics: flax is very well known for its lightness. Apart from the use of these products, it will also be necessary to seduce the industrialists to use the agricultural machines in which the composite materials are composed. Especially on the price comparison, you will have to have the low price with good quality. This will attract more customers than others. A cooperative provides those people who run an industry with flax fiber parts, whether pure or mixed with other elements. The goal is to get a nice resin. This would be used to replace or manufacture missing parts on the machines. A company is founded that forms semi-finished products necessary for the intermediary between the one who produces and the one who uses it in the final state. Some people use it together with another organic element to protect the antenna against bad weather.

Areas of application of these composite materials

There are several areas where the use of these composite materials is effective. First, in the creation of mass-produced parts: companies call on these farmers who produce these materials to create a part they will need in their machine. Then, in construction, they are useful too. For example, on the waterproofing of some objects such as the terrace or the swimming pool. On the vineyard also, its use is necessary. This is called "agromaterials" which allows to use tanks or tubs composed of them for planting. Their quality will ensure the good production of wine. During a live show or during an advertisement, composite materials are useful. The decoration of the room is made of pieces with linen fiber which is light. It can also repair equipment in insulation that is fireproof. Or for the panels announcing publicity or signs that shine.