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Industrial performance


Relocate to be to be more efficient

Industrial processes

Purchasing process, innovation process...

Stock and materials

Optimising the supply strategy

Quality control

Improve production and reduce waste

Industrial machinery and equipment

To ensure safety in the workplace, industrial machinery and equipment is subject to strict requirements and regulations. Understanding and complying with safety and health standards is crucial to accessing international markets and is detailed on First Industrial Cleaning. Compliance with industrial machinery and equipment standards applies to manufacturers of industrial machinery and control equipment. They are involved in many production and analysis functions to ensure professional use. Among the many types of machines are thermosealers, microplate sealers, water coolers, plate exchangers, etc, more on

Industrial gas supply

One solution to avoid gas shortages is to choose the automatic gas supply system. This supply of liquid and cylinders makes it possible to anticipate gas shortages. In addition to supply, industrial supply services offer customers curative and preventive maintenance services. These services take care of network installations such as hoses, power plants or modules. Calling in a professional can free you from operating constraints while keeping the cost under control. Visit for more details.

Industrial sectors, solutions for your employment needs

Design offices and industrial engineering

Design offices and industrial engineering

The engineering offices deal with the realization and design of industrial units. The intervention takes care of analysing the feasibility of the project until the completion and commissioning of the company. Industrial engineering offers a tailor-made intervention in each phase of the project’s evolution.

Logistics, a key stage in industry

Logistics, the axis of industrial distribution, has a transversal function in the services and strategies of a company. This key phase influences the company’s activity. The principle of this activity is to improve the management of resources in order to achieve specific objectives.







Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Energy and chemical industry

Textiles and Clothing

Mobile industry: the smart industry

The smart industry includes several activities. Social networks, digital tools and the cloud are tools that make a company more dynamic. Big Data is a process that can strengthen marketing and then products. The mobile industry is developing by working more and more with connected products. The automotive sector, banking and insurance, media and the high-tech society have experienced a great technological advance.

Connected factory or industry 4.0

The principle of Industry 4.0 is to promote connected objects, Big Data, artificial intelligence and increased robotisation. This new generation of factories allows for personalised and tailor-made production of products. The objective is to maintain production sales costs by facilitating industrial manoeuvres. The solution consists of using innovative products such as collaborative robots, the cloud, 3D printing, modelling, the Internet of Things, etc. More details on